library: libGui
#include "TGClient.h"


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class TGClient : public TObject

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Bool_t DoRedraw() Bool_t HandleEvent(Event_t* event) Bool_t HandleMaskEvent(Event_t* event, Window_t wid) Bool_t ProcessIdleEvent() Bool_t ProcessOneEvent() public:
TGClient(const char* dpyName = "0") TGClient(const TGClient&) virtual ~TGClient() void AddIdleHandler(TGIdleHandler* h) void AddUnknownWindowHandler(TGUnknownWindowHandler* h) static TClass* Class() void ForceRedraw() void FreeColor(Pixel_t color) const void FreeFont(const TGFont* font) void FreeGC(const TGGC* gc) void FreeGC(GContext_t gc) void FreePicture(const TGPicture* pic) Bool_t GetColorByName(const char* name, Pixel_t& pixel) const Colormap_t GetDefaultColormap() const const TGWindow* GetDefaultRoot() const UInt_t GetDisplayHeight() const UInt_t GetDisplayWidth() const TGFont* GetFont(const char* font, Bool_t fixedDefault = kTRUE) TGFont* GetFont(const TGFont* font) FontStruct_t GetFontByName(const char* name, Bool_t fixedDefault = kTRUE) const TGFontPool* GetFontPool() const TGGC* GetGC(GCValues_t* values, Bool_t rw = kFALSE) TGGCPool* GetGCPool() const Pixel_t GetHilite(Pixel_t base_color) const TList* GetListOfPopups() const THashList* GetListOfWindows() const TGMimeTypes* GetMimeTypeList() const const TGPicture* GetPicture(const char* name) const const TGPicture* GetPicture(const char* name, UInt_t new_width, UInt_t new_height) const TGPicturePool* GetPicturePool() const const TGResourcePool* GetResourcePool() const const TGWindow* GetRoot() const Pixel_t GetShadow(Pixel_t base_color) const TGWindow* GetWindowById(Window_t sw) const TGWindow* GetWindowByName(const char* name) const Bool_t HandleInput() virtual TClass* IsA() const Bool_t IsEditable() const Bool_t IsEditDisabled() const void NeedRedraw(TGWindow* w, Bool_t force = kFALSE) TGClient& operator=(const TGClient&) Bool_t ProcessEventsFor(TGWindow* w) void ProcessLine(TString cmd, Long_t msg, Long_t parm1, Long_t parm2) void RegisterPopup(TGWindow* w) void RegisterWindow(TGWindow* w) void RemoveIdleHandler(TGIdleHandler* h) void RemoveUnknownWindowHandler(TGUnknownWindowHandler* h) void SetEditDisabled(Bool_t on = kTRUE) void SetRoot(TGWindow* root = 0) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b) void UnregisterPopup(TGWindow* w) void UnregisterWindow(TGWindow* w) void WaitFor(TGWindow* w) void WaitForUnmap(TGWindow* w)

Data Members

Pixel_t fBackColor default background color Pixel_t fForeColor default foreground color Pixel_t fHilite default hilite color Pixel_t fShadow default shadow color Pixel_t fSelBackColor default selection background color Pixel_t fSelForeColor default selection foreground color Pixel_t fWhite white color index Pixel_t fBlack black color index TGWindow* fDefaultRoot default root window (base window of display) TGWindow* fRoot current root window (changing root window allows embedding) Int_t fXfd file descriptor of connection to server TGResourcePool* fResourcePool global GUI resource pool TGGCPool* fGCPool graphics context pool TGFontPool* fFontPool font pool TGPicturePool* fPicturePool pixmap pool TGMimeTypes* fMimeTypeList mimetype list Colormap_t fDefaultColormap default colormap Bool_t fGlobalNeedRedraw true if at least one window needs to be redrawn Bool_t fForceRedraw redraw widgets as soon as possible THashList* fWlist list of frames TList* fPlist list of popup windows used in HandleMaskEvent() TList* fUWHandlers list of event handlers for unknown windows TList* fIdleHandlers list of idle handlers EGEventType fWaitForEvent event to wait for Window_t fWaitForWindow window in which to wait for event

Class Description

 Window client. In client server windowing systems, like X11 this     
 class is used to make the initial connection to the window server.   

TGClient(const char *dpyName)
 Create a connection with the display sever on host dpyName and setup
 the complete GUI system, i.e., graphics contexts, fonts, etc. for all

const TGWindow* GetRoot() const
 Returns current root (i.e. base) window. By changing the root
 window one can change the window hierarchy, e.g. a top level
 frame (TGMainFrame) can be embedded in another window.

const TGWindow* GetDefaultRoot() const
 Returns the root (i.e. desktop) window. Should only be used as parent
 for frames that will never be embedded, like popups, message boxes,
 etc. (like TGToolTips, TGMessageBox, etc.).

void SetRoot(TGWindow *root)
 Sets the current root (i.e. base) window. By changing the root
 window one can change the window hierarchy, e.g. a top level
 frame (TGMainFrame) can be embedded in another window.

UInt_t GetDisplayWidth() const
 Get display width.

UInt_t GetDisplayHeight() const
 Get display height.

const TGPicture* GetPicture(const char *name)
 Get picture from the picture pool. Picture must be freed using
 TGClient::FreePicture(). If picture is not found 0 is returned.

const TGPicture* GetPicture(const char *name, UInt_t new_width, UInt_t new_height)
 Get picture with specified size from pool (picture will be scaled if
 necessary). Picture must be freed using TGClient::FreePicture(). If
 picture is not found 0 is returned.

void FreePicture(const TGPicture *pic)
 Free picture resource.

TGGC* GetGC(GCValues_t *values, Bool_t rw)
 Get graphics context from the gc pool. Context must be freed via
 TGClient::FreeGC(). If rw is true a new read/write-able GC
 is returned, otherwise a shared read-only context is returned.
 For historical reasons it is also possible to create directly a
 TGGC object, but it is advised to use this new interface only.

void FreeGC(const TGGC *gc)
 Free a graphics context.

void FreeGC(GContext_t gc)
 Free a graphics context.

TGFont* GetFont(const char *font, Bool_t fixedDefault)
 Get a font from the font pool. Fonts must be freed via
 TGClient::FreeFont(). Returns 0 in case of error or if font
 does not exist. If fixedDefault is false the "fixed" font
 will not be substituted as fallback when the asked for font
 does not exist.

TGFont* GetFont(const TGFont *font)
 Get again specified font. Will increase its usage count.

void FreeFont(const TGFont *font)
 Free a font.

void NeedRedraw(TGWindow *w, Bool_t force)
 Set redraw flags.

Bool_t GetColorByName(const char *name, Pixel_t &pixel) const
 Get a color by name. If color is found return kTRUE and pixel is
 set to the color's pixel value, kFALSE otherwise.

FontStruct_t GetFontByName(const char *name, Bool_t fixedDefault) const
 Get a font by name. If font is not found, fixed font is returned,
 if fixed font also does not exist return 0 and print error.
 The loaded font needs to be freed using TVirtualX::DeleteFont().
 If fixedDefault is false the "fixed" font will not be substituted
 as fallback when the asked for font does not exist.

Pixel_t GetHilite(Pixel_t base_color) const
 Return pixel value of hilite color based on base_color.

Pixel_t GetShadow(Pixel_t base_color) const
 Return pixel value of shadow color based on base_color.
 Shadow is 60% of base_color intensity.

void FreeColor(Pixel_t color) const
 Free color.

void RegisterWindow(TGWindow *w)
 Add a TGWindow to the clients list of windows.

void UnregisterWindow(TGWindow *w)
 Remove a TGWindow from the list of windows.

void RegisterPopup(TGWindow *w)
 Add a popup menu to the list of popups. This list is used to pass
 events to popup menus that are popped up over a transient window which
 is waited for (see WaitFor()).

void UnregisterPopup(TGWindow *w)
 Remove a popup menu from the list of popups.

void AddUnknownWindowHandler(TGUnknownWindowHandler *h)
 Add handler for unknown (i.e. unregistered) windows.

void RemoveUnknownWindowHandler(TGUnknownWindowHandler *h)
 Remove handler for unknown (i.e. unregistered) windows.

void AddIdleHandler(TGIdleHandler *h)
 Add handler for idle events.

void RemoveIdleHandler(TGIdleHandler *h)
 Remove handler for idle events.

TGWindow* GetWindowById(Window_t wid) const
 Find a TGWindow via its handle. If window is not found return 0.

TGWindow* GetWindowByName(const char *name) const
 Find a TGWindow via its name (unique name used in TGWindow::SavePrimitive).
 If window is not found return 0.

 Closing down client: cleanup and close X connection.

Bool_t ProcessOneEvent()
 Process one event. This method should only be called when there is
 a GUI event ready to be processed. If event has been processed
 kTRUE is returned. If processing of a specific event type for a specific
 window was requested kFALSE is returned when specific event has been
 processed, kTRUE otherwise. If no more pending events return kFALSE.

Bool_t ProcessIdleEvent()
 Process one idle event.

Bool_t HandleInput()
 Handles input from the display server. Returns kTRUE if one or more
 events have been processed, kFALSE otherwise.

void WaitFor(TGWindow *w)
 Wait for window to be destroyed.

void WaitForUnmap(TGWindow *w)
 Wait for window to be unmapped.

Bool_t ProcessEventsFor(TGWindow *w)
 Like gSystem->ProcessEvents() but then only allow events for w to
 be processed. For example to interrupt the processing and destroy
 the window, call gROOT->SetInterrupt() before destroying the window.

Bool_t DoRedraw()
 Redraw all windows that need redrawing. Returns kFALSE if no redraw
 was needed, kTRUE otherwise.
 Only redraw the application's windows when the event queue
 does not contain expose event anymore.

Bool_t HandleEvent(Event_t *event)
 Handle a GUI event.

Bool_t HandleMaskEvent(Event_t *event, Window_t wid)
 Handle masked events only if window wid is the window for which the
 event was reported or if wid is a parent of the event window. The not
 masked event are handled directly. The masked events are:
 kButtonPress, kButtonRelease, kKeyPress, kKeyRelease, kEnterNotify,
 kLeaveNotify, kMotionNotify.

void ProcessLine(TString cmd, Long_t msg, Long_t parm1, Long_t parm2)
 Execute string "cmd" via the interpreter. Before executing replace
 in the command string the token $MSG, $PARM1 and $PARM2 by msg,
 parm1 and parm2, respectively. The function in cmd string must accept
 these as longs.

Bool_t IsEditDisabled() const
 returns kTRUE if edit/guibuilding is forbidden

void SetEditDisabled(Bool_t on)
 if on is kTRUE editting/guibuilding is forbidden

Inline Functions

                       Bool_t IsEditable() const
                         void ForceRedraw()
        const TGResourcePool* GetResourcePool() const
               TGPicturePool* GetPicturePool() const
                    TGGCPool* GetGCPool() const
                  TGFontPool* GetFontPool() const
                   Colormap_t GetDefaultColormap() const
                 TGMimeTypes* GetMimeTypeList() const
                   THashList* GetListOfWindows() const
                       TList* GetListOfPopups() const
                      TClass* Class()
                      TClass* IsA() const
                         void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                         void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                         void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
                     TGClient TGClient(const TGClient&)
                    TGClient& operator=(const TGClient&)

Author: Fons Rademakers 27/12/97
Last update: root/gui:$Name: $:$Id: TGClient.cxx,v 1.45 2005/08/23 17:00:40 brun Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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