#include "GuiTypes.h"


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class GCValues_t

Inheritance Chart:

GCValues_t() GCValues_t(const GCValues_t&) ~GCValues_t() GCValues_t& operator=(const GCValues_t&)

Data Members

EGraphicsFunction fFunction logical operation ULong_t fPlaneMask plane mask ULong_t fForeground foreground pixel ULong_t fBackground background pixel Int_t fLineWidth line width Int_t fLineStyle kLineSolid, kLineOnOffDash, kLineDoubleDash Int_t fCapStyle kCapNotLast, kCapButt, Int_t fJoinStyle kJoinMiter, kJoinRound, kJoinBevel Int_t fFillStyle kFillSolid, kFillTiled, Int_t fFillRule kEvenOddRule, kWindingRule Int_t fArcMode kArcChord, kArcPieSlice Pixmap_t fTile tile pixmap for tiling operations Pixmap_t fStipple stipple 1 plane pixmap for stipping Int_t fTsXOrigin offset for tile or stipple operations Int_t fTsYOrigin FontH_t fFont default text font for text operations Int_t fSubwindowMode kClipByChildren, kIncludeInferiors Bool_t fGraphicsExposures boolean, should exposures be generated Int_t fClipXOrigin origin for clipping Int_t fClipYOrigin Pixmap_t fClipMask bitmap clipping; other calls for rects Int_t fDashOffset patterned/dashed line information Char_t fDashes[8] dash pattern list (dash length per byte) Int_t fDashLen number of dashes in fDashes Mask_t fMask bit mask specifying which fields are valid

Class Description

 Types used by the GUI classes.                                       

Inline Functions

               void ~GCValues_t()
         GCValues_t GCValues_t()
         GCValues_t GCValues_t(const GCValues_t&)
        GCValues_t& operator=(const GCValues_t&)

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