#include "GuiTypes.h"


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class Event_t

Inheritance Chart:

Event_t() Event_t(const Event_t&) ~Event_t() Event_t& operator=(const Event_t&)

Data Members

EGEventType fType of event (see EGEventTypes) Window_t fWindow window reported event is relative to Time_t fTime time event event occured in ms Int_t fX Int_t fY pointer x, y coordinates in event window Int_t fXRoot Int_t fYRoot coordinates relative to root UInt_t fCode key or button code UInt_t fState key or button mask UInt_t fWidth UInt_t fHeight width and height of exposed area Int_t fCount if non-zero, at least this many more exposes Bool_t fSendEvent true if event came from SendEvent Handle_t fHandle general resource handle (used for atoms or windows) Int_t fFormat Next fields only used by kClientMessageEvent Long_t fUser[5] 5 longs can be used by client message events

Class Description

 Types used by the GUI classes.                                       

Inline Functions

            void ~Event_t()
         Event_t Event_t()
         Event_t Event_t(const Event_t&)
        Event_t& operator=(const Event_t&)

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