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Summary of HTML Tags Used in the Tutorial

<img src="file.gif">

<img src="file.jpg">

<img src="file.gif" 
height=x width=y
hspace=H vspace=V
Inline Image
Display a GIF/JPEG/PNG image or animated GIF within web page. src (source) is the name, file path, or URL for the image file; alt (alternative) is a string of text displayed for non-graphic browsers or users with image loading turned off; align controls relation of image and surrounding text (top/middle/bottom will align ONE line of succeeding text; left/right will place image to side of page and wrap text around it); height and width are the dimensions of the image measured in pixels; hspace and space indicate how much blank space (in pixels) to "pad" around the image; BORDER attribute defines in pixels, how thick a border to be placed around the image.
Lesson 7a
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Lesson 29a
<a href="xxxx.jpg">
link text</a> 

<a href="xxxx.jpg"
link text</a> 
Hyperlink to an Image
Hypertext link that jumps to a displayed image, the file can be a GIF, JPEG and the value of href can be a local image file or a full URL. Using the TARGET attribute can load the image in a new browser window.
Lesson 8a
Lesson 25
<embed src="video.mov">

<embed src="video.mpg">
<embed src="audio.wav">

height=x width=y


Embedded Video/Audio
Displays a digital video or audio clip within a web page, may require extra software "plug-in" to paly back. Most common video formats are QuickTime or MPEG. Audio files can be a video without an image tracj. or MIDI, AIFF, or WAVE.

Parameters include src (source), the name, file path, or URL for the media file; height and width of the video clip (or the size of the controller for an audio file); autoplay determines if it plays automatically when the page loads; controller determines if the control bar is visible on the page; loop can make the media play endlessly; URL can direct the browser if the user clicks on the video, loading content to target if specified; pluginspage links a visitor if the plug-in is not installed.

Lesson 29b
Lesson 29c
NAME="sw" ID="swmovie">


<embed src="sw_file.dcr" 
width=XX height=YY 
Loads a Shockwave multimedia application into the page. The nested object and embed tags are needed for it to work wiht Internet Explorer browsers and NetScape browsers.

Parameters for the object tag include classid and codebase which identify the code and source for the Active X controller; width and height are the screen dimensions of the shockwave file; NAME and ID are used mainly in iintegration with browser scripting, such as VBScript; PARAM "SRC" is the file name for the shockwave file; PARAM "BGCOLOR" is a solid color to display in area while the file loads.

Parameters for the embed tag include src the file name for the shockwave file; width and height are the screen dimensions of the shockwave file; bgcolor is a solid color to display in area while the file loads; pluginspage is web loaction to get latest version of Shockwave plug-in.

Lesson 29d
  <param name="param1" 
  <param name="param2" 
Java Applet
Loads a compiled Java applet into the web page. Parameters include code (source), the name of the Java .class file; height and width screen dimensions of the applet ; param and value are the names of variables and data that need to be passed to the applet.
Lesson 29e

Writing HTML Summary of HTML Tags: Multimedia
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