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Below are links to all of the lessons in this tutorial. Most of the lessons can be done off-line if you download to your computer an archive of the tutorial pages. We've provided links at the top of every lesson page to a brief summary of all HTML tags covered in these lessons. If you are having trouble, first check the Frequently Asked Questions also linked from the top of every lesson page.

HTML 101
How the web works
      0. Standardly Speaking About HTML
Building a Foundation...
Nuts 'n Bolts HTML

Basic tags for formatting pages to HTML 2.0 standards. These codes will make your pages viewable to the widest audience range.
  1. Creating Your First HTML Document
  2. Modifying an HTML Document
  3. Headings: Six Levels Deep <h1> <h2> ...
  4. Breaking up into Paragraphs <p> <br> <hr>
  5. Doing it with Style <b> <i> <tt>
  6. Lists, Lists, and Lists <ul> <ol>
  7. Graphics and File Formats
    1. Inline Images <img...>
  8. Linking it with Anchors
    1. Links to Local Files <a href="file.html ...>
    2. URLs: Web Pointers http:, ftp:, gopher:..
    3. Links to the World: Internet sites <a href="http:// ...>
    4. Links to Sections of a Page <a name= ...>
    5. HyperGraphic Links <a href= ...><img...></a>
  9. Preformatted Text <pre>
  10. Special Characters &eacute; &copy;
  11. Definition Lists <dl> <dt> <dd>
  12. Address Footers and E-Mail Links <address> <a href=mailto:...>
  13. You can Blockquote Me on That <blockquote>
  14. Lumping vs. Splitting
Beyond the Basics
Modify and enhance your web pages with features available in HTML 3.2.

While we cannot provide instruction in as great detail on the more complex things you can include in your web pages, we provide links to other resources that may assist you.

  1. Standard and Enhanced HTML
  2. Colorful And Textured Backgrounds <body bgcolor=...>
  3. Don't Blink, Don't Marquee
  4. Spiffing Up Text <font color=... face=... size=... > <sup> <sub> <u> <strike>
  5. Easy Horizontal Rules <hr>
  6. Extra Alignment <div>, <center> <img vspace=..., hspace=...
  7. Setting the Table <table..>
  8. More for Images and Lists <BORDER=0..>, <ol type=..>
  9. Clickable Image Maps <map...>
  10. META in your HEAD <META...>
  11. Target That Window <a href=... target=...>
  12. Web Page, You've Been Framed <frameset cols=... > <frame src=... >
  13. A Wee Dose of JavaScript <script language=JavaScript... >
    1. Alerts and Rollovers <a href=... onClick="alert('...')" onMouseOver="...
    2. Dynamic Content document.write('..
    3. Custom Window Openers window.open('..
    4. Swapping Images onMouseOver=... onMouseOut=...
  14. Adding some FORM to your webs
    1. Forming Forms <form..>
    2. Form Action by email and CGI <form action=..>
    3. Form Action by JavaScript
  15. Multimedia in Your Page
    1. Animated My GIF!
    2. Movie Time <embed src=...>
    3. Sound of [web] Music
    4. Hit Me With a Shockwave
    5. Small Cup of Java (to go) <applet code=...>
The Next Generation
Moving your web pages into the future with HTML 4.0 features and then some
HTML has come a long way since we wrote this tutorial in 1994! We had planned to add new lessons for Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and perhaps even XML in Spring 2000. However, as these are much more comprehensive concepts than HTML (and would greatly increase the size of this package), our next plan is to develop brand new, separate tutorials.

Because I will be on sabbatical July 1 - December 31, 2000, these will likely not even appear until Spring 2001. We have selected other reliable tutorials on these subjects in our references section.

Unitl then, keep on writing great HTML.
Post-Graduate Work
Things to do and look at once you've mastered the content here.

Writing HTML: The Lessons
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