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Summary of HTML Tags Used in the Tutorial


<Hn align=center>...</Hn>
Section heading of variable text size, where n=1 to 6. align=center for aligning the heading in the center of the page.
Lesson 3
Apply bold, italic, or typewriter (monospaced font). Others that may work are underline and strike-through
Lesson 5
Italicized and offset text for page footers
Lesson 12
Indents and offsets text for long quotations
Lesson 13
Preformatted Text
Displays in monsospaced font with all space and carriage returns preserved.
Lesson 9
Special Characters
Codes for special character sets and diacritical marks
See also: ISO Character Set
Lesson 10
Flashes text in a very annoying manner.
Lesson 17
<font size=X>...
Font Size
Change the size of a selection of text where X=1-7. Can also use relative size changes (-1, +2, -1, -2, etc...) to current <basefont=Z> value.
Lesson 18
Font Size
Change the size of a selection of to a size greater or smaller then the normal sized text.
Lesson 18
<font color=#XXXXXX>
Font Color
Change the color of a selection of text where XXXXXX is the hexadecimal code for the colors RGB values.
Lesson 18
Create superscripts (e.g. x3 + 2xy + y2 = 0) or subscripts (i.e. H2SO4)
Lesson 18

Writing HTML Summary of HTML Tags: Text Formatting
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