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Summary of HTML Tags Used in the Tutorial

<ul>       <ol>
  <li>       <li>
  <li>       <li>
</ul>      </ol>
Item Lists
Unordered Lists <ul> for bulleted items, ordered lists <ol> for numbered items
Lesson 6
<ul type=xxxx>

<li type=xxxx>
Bullets for Unordered Lists
Over-ride the default bullets:
  • type=circle
  • type=square
  • type=disc
Lesson 22
<ol type=X>

<li type=X>
Number Styles for Ordered Lists
Use different characters for lists:
  • type=1 (1,2,3...)
  • type=A (A,B,C,...)
  • type=a (a,b,c,...)
  • type=I (I,II,III,...)
  • type=i (i,ii,iii,...)
Lesson 22
<ol start=i>

<li value=j>
Number Values for Ordered Lists
start will begin a list with any positive number. value will renumber the list from the item and following with the new value.
Lesson 22
Definition Lists
Lists with text items <dt> and indented definitions <dd>
Lesson 11

Writing HTML Summary of HTML Tags: Lists
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