library: libCore
#include "TVirtualCollectionProxy.h"


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class TVirtualCollectionProxy

Inheritance Chart:
    This is an abstract class, constructors will not be documented.
    Look at the header to check for available constructors.

virtual void SetValueClass(TClass* newcl) public:
virtual ~TVirtualCollectionProxy() virtual void* Allocate(UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete) virtual void* At(UInt_t idx) virtual void Clear(const char* opt = "") virtual void Commit(void*) virtual TVirtualCollectionProxy* Generate() const virtual TClass* GetCollectionClass() virtual EDataType GetType() virtual TClass* GetValueClass() virtual Bool_t HasPointers() const virtual void* New() const virtual void* New(void* arena) const TVirtualCollectionProxy& operator=(const TVirtualCollectionProxy&) char* operator[](UInt_t idx) const virtual void PopProxy() virtual void PushProxy(void* objectstart) virtual UInt_t Size() const virtual UInt_t Sizeof() const

Data Members

TClassRef fClass

Class Description

 Virtual interface of a proxy object for a collection class           
 In particular this is used to implement splitting, emulation,        
 and TTreeFormula access to STL containers.                           

Inline Functions

                            void ~TVirtualCollectionProxy()
                            void SetValueClass(TClass* newcl)
        TVirtualCollectionProxy* Generate() const
                         TClass* GetCollectionClass()
                           void* New() const
                           void* New(void* arena) const
                          UInt_t Sizeof() const
                            void PushProxy(void* objectstart)
                            void PopProxy()
                          Bool_t HasPointers() const
                         TClass* GetValueClass()
                       EDataType GetType()
                           void* At(UInt_t idx)
                            void Clear(const char* opt = "")
                          UInt_t Size() const
                           void* Allocate(UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete)
                            void Commit(void*)
                           char* operator[](UInt_t idx) const
        TVirtualCollectionProxy& operator=(const TVirtualCollectionProxy&)

Author: Philippe Canal 20/08/2003
Last update: root/cont:$Name: $:$Id: TVirtualCollectionProxy.h,v 1.9 2005/03/24 14:27:06 brun Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2003, Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers and al. *

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