library: libCore
#include "TGenCollectionProxy.h"


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class TGenCollectionProxy : public TVirtualCollectionProxy, public TCollectionProxy

Inheritance Chart:

void CheckFunctions() const virtual void DeleteItem(Bool_t force, void* ptr) const TGenCollectionProxy* Initialize() const virtual TGenCollectionProxy* InitializeEx() public:
TGenCollectionProxy(const TGenCollectionProxy& copy) TGenCollectionProxy(TCollectionProxy::Info_t typ, size_t iter_size) virtual ~TGenCollectionProxy() virtual void* Allocate(UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete) virtual void* At(UInt_t idx) virtual void Clear(const char* opt = "") virtual void Commit(void* env) virtual TVirtualCollectionProxy* Generate() const virtual TClass* GetCollectionClass() virtual EDataType GetType() virtual TClass* GetValueClass() virtual Bool_t HasPointers() const virtual void operator()(TBuffer& refBuffer, void* pObject) virtual void PopProxy() virtual void PushProxy(void* objstart) virtual void Resize(UInt_t n, Bool_t force_delete) virtual void SetValueClass(TClass* newcl) virtual UInt_t Size() const virtual UInt_t Sizeof() const virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& refBuffer) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& refBuffer, void* pObject, int siz)

Data Members

string fName Name of the class being proxied. Bool_t fPointers Flag to indicate if containee has pointers (key or value) TGenCollectionProxy::Method fClear Method cache for container accessors: clear container TGenCollectionProxy::Method fSize Container accessors: size of container TGenCollectionProxy::Method fResize Container accessors: resize container TGenCollectionProxy::Method fFirst Container accessors: generic iteration: first TGenCollectionProxy::Method fNext Container accessors: generic iteration: next TGenCollectionProxy::Method fConstruct Container accessors: block construct TGenCollectionProxy::Method fDestruct Container accessors: block destruct TGenCollectionProxy::Method fFeed Container accessors: block feed TGenCollectionProxy::Method fCollect Method to collect objects from container TGenCollectionProxy::Value* fValue Descriptor of the container value type TGenCollectionProxy::Value* fVal Descriptor of the Value_type TGenCollectionProxy::Value* fKey Descriptor of the key_type ROOT::Environ<char[64]>* fEnv Address of the currently proxied object int fValOffset Offset from key to value (in maps) int fValDiff Offset between two consecutive value_types (memory layout). vector<ROOT::Environ<char[64]>*,allocator<ROOT::Environ<char[64]>*> > fProxyList Stack of recursive proxies vector<ROOT::Environ<char[64]>*,allocator<ROOT::Environ<char[64]>*> > fProxyKept Optimization: Keep proxies once they were created int fSTL_type STL container type type_info& fTypeinfo Type information public:
static const enum TGenCollectionProxy:: R__BIT_ISSTRING static const enum TGenCollectionProxy:: R__BIT_ISTSTRING static const enum TGenCollectionProxy:: kBOOL_t

Class Description


 Proxy around an arbitrary container, which implements basic
 functionality and iteration.

 In particular this is used to implement splitting and abstract
 element access of any container. Access to compiled code is necessary
 to implement the abstract iteration sequence and functionality like
 size(), clear(), resize(). resize() may be a void operation.

Inline Functions

                            void ~TGenCollectionProxy()
            TGenCollectionProxy* Initialize() const
            TGenCollectionProxy* InitializeEx()
                            void DeleteItem(Bool_t force, void* ptr) const
                            void CheckFunctions() const
        TVirtualCollectionProxy* Generate() const
             TGenCollectionProxy TGenCollectionProxy(const TGenCollectionProxy& copy)
             TGenCollectionProxy TGenCollectionProxy(TCollectionProxy::Info_t typ, size_t iter_size)
                         TClass* GetCollectionClass()
                          UInt_t Sizeof() const
                            void PushProxy(void* objstart)
                            void PopProxy()
                          Bool_t HasPointers() const
                         TClass* GetValueClass()
                            void SetValueClass(TClass* newcl)
                       EDataType GetType()
                           void* At(UInt_t idx)
                            void Clear(const char* opt = "")
                            void Resize(UInt_t n, Bool_t force_delete)
                          UInt_t Size() const
                           void* Allocate(UInt_t n, Bool_t forceDelete)
                            void Commit(void* env)
                            void Streamer(TBuffer& refBuffer)
                            void Streamer(TBuffer& refBuffer, void* pObject, int siz)
                            void operator()(TBuffer& refBuffer, void* pObject)

Author: Markus Frank 28/10/04
Last update: root/cont:$Name: $:$Id: TGenCollectionProxy.h,v 1.9 2005/08/30 02:45:05 pcanal Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2004, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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