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Help Desk

The Help Desk provides users with a central contact point for any issues regarding computing services in the university; queries will be fowarded to the appropriate persons. Queries not relating to computing services (e.g. relating to other departments) will also be serviced if possible

Note: replace "Q" with "@" in the emails below.

Location: Secretary's office, BIM
phone: +90 342 317 1951/1952

To help you target your query, some useful contacts are given below:

+90 342 317 xxxx
Head of the computer center:, phone 1956
Head of the network group:, phone 1973
Computer Center Secretary:, phone 1951/1952
Senior Operator:, phone 1972
Email,Web and Interactive accounts:, phone 1968
IP/MAC accounts:, phone 1965
University Web Team:, phone 1974/1976

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system manager, University of Gaziantep.