library: libRGL
#include "TGLEditor.h"


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class TGLGeometryEditor : public TGCompositeFrame

Inheritance Chart:
TGLGeometryEditor(const TGLGeometryEditor&) void CreateCenterControls() void CreateStretchControls() TGLGeometryEditor& operator=(const TGLGeometryEditor&) public:
TGLGeometryEditor(const TGWindow* parent, TGLSAViewer* viewer) ~TGLGeometryEditor() static TClass* Class() void Disable() void DoButton() void GetObjectData(Double_t* shift, Double_t* scale) virtual TClass* IsA() const void SetCenter(const Double_t* center) void SetScale(const Double_t* scale) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b) void ValueSet(Long_t unusedVal)

Data Members

TGLSAViewer* fViewer TList fTrash TGLayoutHints* fL1 TGLayoutHints* fL2 TGNumberEntry* fGeomData[6] TGButton* fApplyButton Bool_t fIsActive public:
static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kCenterX static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kCenterY static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kCenterZ static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kScaleX static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kScaleY static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kScaleZ static const enum TGLGeometryEditor:: kTot

Class Description

TGLGeometryEditor(const TGWindow *parent, TGLSAViewer *v) :TGCompositeFrame(parent, 100, 100, kVerticalFrame | kRaisedFrame), fViewer(v)

void SetCenter(const Double_t *c)

void SetScale(const Double_t *s)

void Disable()

void DoButton()

void GetObjectData(Double_t *center, Double_t *scale)

void ValueSet(Long_t)

void CreateCenterControls()

void CreateStretchControls()

Inline Functions

                      void ~TGLGeometryEditor()
         TGLGeometryEditor TGLGeometryEditor(const TGLGeometryEditor&)
        TGLGeometryEditor& operator=(const TGLGeometryEditor&)
                   TClass* Class()
                   TClass* IsA() const
                      void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
                      void Streamer(TBuffer& b)
                      void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Author: Timur Pocheptsov 03/08/2004
Last update: root/gl:$Name: $:$Id: TGLEditor.cxx,v 1.15 2005/08/10 16:26:35 brun Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2004, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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