library: libCore
#include "TAttAxis.h"


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class TAttAxis

Inheritance Chart:

TAttAxis() TAttAxis(const TAttAxis&) virtual ~TAttAxis() static TClass* Class() void Copy(TAttAxis& attaxis) const virtual Color_t GetAxisColor() const virtual Color_t GetLabelColor() const virtual Style_t GetLabelFont() const virtual Float_t GetLabelOffset() const virtual Float_t GetLabelSize() const virtual Int_t GetNdivisions() const virtual Float_t GetTickLength() const virtual Color_t GetTitleColor() const virtual Style_t GetTitleFont() const virtual Float_t GetTitleOffset() const virtual Float_t GetTitleSize() const virtual TClass* IsA() const TAttAxis& operator=(const TAttAxis&) virtual void ResetAttAxis(Option_t* option = "") virtual void SaveAttributes(ofstream& out, const char* name, const char* subname) virtual void SetAxisColor(Color_t color = 1) virtual void SetLabelColor(Color_t color = 1) virtual void SetLabelFont(Style_t font = 62) virtual void SetLabelOffset(Float_t offset = 0.005) virtual void SetLabelSize(Float_t size = 0.04) virtual void SetNdivisions(Int_t n = 510, Bool_t optim = kTRUE) virtual void SetTickLength(Float_t length = 0.03) virtual void SetTitleColor(Color_t color = 1) virtual void SetTitleFont(Style_t font = 62) virtual void SetTitleOffset(Float_t offset = 1) virtual void SetTitleSize(Float_t size = 0.04) virtual void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent) virtual void Streamer(TBuffer& b) void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)

Data Members

Int_t fNdivisions Number of divisions(10000*n3 + 100*n2 + n1) Color_t fAxisColor color of the line axis Color_t fLabelColor color of labels Style_t fLabelFont font for labels Float_t fLabelOffset offset of labels Float_t fLabelSize size of labels Float_t fTickLength length of tick marks Float_t fTitleOffset offset of axis title Float_t fTitleSize size of axis title Color_t fTitleColor color of axis title Style_t fTitleFont font for axis title

Class Description

  Manages histogram axis attributes



void Copy(TAttAxis &attaxis) const

void ResetAttAxis(Option_t *option)

void SaveAttributes(ofstream &out, const char *name, const char *subname)
 Save axis attributes as C++ statement(s) on output stream out

void SetAxisColor(Color_t color)
   Set color of the line axis and tick marks

void SetLabelColor(Color_t color)
   Set color of labels

void SetLabelFont(Style_t font)

void SetLabelOffset(Float_t offset)
   Set distance between the axis and the labels
   The distance is expressed in per cent of the pad width

void SetLabelSize(Float_t size)
   Set size of axis labels
   The size is expressed in per cent of the pad width

void SetNdivisions(Int_t n, Bool_t optim)
   Set the number of divisions for this axis
   if optim = kTRUE (default), the number of divisions will be
                      optimized around the specified value.
   if optim = kFALSE, or n < 0, the axis will be forced to use
                      exactly n divisions.

void SetTickLength(Float_t length)
   Set tick mark length
   The length is expressed in per cent of the pad width

void SetTitleOffset(Float_t offset)
   Set distance between the axis and the axis title
   Offset is a correction factor with respect to the "standard" value.
   offset = 1  uses the default position that is computed in function
   of the label offset and size.
   offset = 1.2 will add 20 per cent more to the default offset.

void SetTitleSize(Float_t size)
   Set size of axis title
   The size is expressed in per cent of the pad width

void SetTitleColor(Color_t color)
   Set color of axis title

void SetTitleFont(Style_t font)

void Streamer(TBuffer &R__b)
 Stream an object of class TAttAxis.

Inline Functions

              Int_t GetNdivisions() const
            Color_t GetAxisColor() const
            Color_t GetLabelColor() const
            Style_t GetLabelFont() const
            Float_t GetLabelOffset() const
            Float_t GetLabelSize() const
            Float_t GetTitleOffset() const
            Float_t GetTitleSize() const
            Float_t GetTickLength() const
            Color_t GetTitleColor() const
            Style_t GetTitleFont() const
            TClass* Class()
            TClass* IsA() const
               void ShowMembers(TMemberInspector& insp, char* parent)
               void StreamerNVirtual(TBuffer& b)
           TAttAxis TAttAxis(const TAttAxis&)
          TAttAxis& operator=(const TAttAxis&)

Author: Rene Brun 12/12/94
Last update: root/base:$Name: $:$Id: TAttAxis.cxx,v 1.9 2004/09/13 16:39:12 brun Exp $
Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers. *

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