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Installing gawk on BeOS

Since BeOS DR9, all the tools that you should need to build gawk are included with BeOS. The process is basically identical to the Unix process of running configure and then make. Full instructions are given below.

You can compile gawk under BeOS by extracting the standard sources and running configure. You must specify the location prefix for the installation directory. For BeOS DR9 and beyond, the best directory to use is /boot/home/config, so the configure command is:

configure --prefix=/boot/home/config

This installs the compiled application into /boot/home/config/bin, which is already specified in the standard PATH.

Once the configuration process is completed, you can run make, and then make install:

$ make
$ make install

BeOS uses bash as its shell; thus, you use gawk the same way you would under Unix. If these steps do not work, please send in a bug report (see Reporting Problems and Bugs).