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Installing gawk on an Amiga

You can install gawk on an Amiga system using a Unix emulation environment, available via anonymous ftp from in the directory pub/ade/current. This includes a shell based on pdksh. The primary component of this environment is a Unix emulation library, ixemul.lib.

A more complete distribution for the Amiga is available on the Geek Gadgets CD-ROM, available from:

1840 E. Warner Road #105-265
Tempe, AZ 85284  USA
US Toll Free: (800) 804-0833
Phone: +1-602-491-0442
FAX: +1-602-491-0048
Anonymous ftp site:

Once you have the distribution, you can configure gawk simply by running configure:

configure -v m68k-amigaos

Then run make and you should be all set! If these steps do not work, please send in a bug report (see Reporting Problems and Bugs).