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Gaziantep Google Apps

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At the beginning of 2009, email in the domain will be migrated to the domain. This will be done gradually over a few weeks (department-by-department), help will be provided to enable a smooth transition. As well as the domain change, mail hosting will also change from the local smtp/pop/openwebmail services to Google Apps hosting.

This migration will give users access to cutting-edge email services and access to additional Internet-based services (document creation/sharing, chat/video chat, calendar sharing, web hosting...). Users with Gmail accounts may already be familiar with some of these services.

Email will continue to flow to the domain where it will be forwarded to the respective users in the domain. This forwarding will continue until the end of 2009 after which the email domain will be closed. Please use this period to notify your email contacts (including your contact information in accounts such as forums, journals, banks, and other memberships you may have). You will receive reminders during the year.

During this migration there will be many changes: email addresses, web access, smtp and pop settings. Below you can find information to guide you through the migration. Training is available for department I. T. assistants. A Google Apps team is available in the computer center to direct and help with the migration. Most users will require help from their department I. T. assistants though we expect some users will be able to migrate their own accounts.

Obtaining a email account username and password
During the migration of accounts, a email account username and password will be given to you. Note that your mail username is the same as your mail username (you only need to take a new password).

Webmail access
After taking a password, you can login to your webmail account at; this web page gives you access to mail and all other google apps services under the domain.

Forwarding email to your new account
When a password is handed to you new mail arriving at your account will start to be forwarded to your inbox. You can check this from the settings in your openwebmail account. Remember that you need to inform all your contacts about your change in email address.

Settings for POP/SMTP clients (e.g. Outlook)
If you use Microsoft Outlook Express or any other desktop mail client then you need to change your POP and SMTP settings. Before doing this please make sure you have POP'ed all your email and left nothing on the server. Forwarding should also be set (see previous item).

In your email client perform the following account settings:

  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • username:
The POP and SMTP ports need to be set as follows:
  • Use SSL pop3 (port 995)
  • Use SSL smtp (port 465)
  • Under "Servers" tick the box "My server requires authentication"
See also gmail-outlook-express help

Copying your inbox and webmail folders to your account
If you use a POP client (see previous item) instead of a webmail client then you can skip this section.
You are now using your email account - but your inbox and mail folders are still on the server!. You need to move these mails to your mail server. There are various ways to do this. Again remember that forwarding should also be set (see previous-previous item).
this part is under study - we hope to provide APIs to ease this procedure. One method that you can use is to POP your mails to your gaziantep account.

Go to:

  • Settings
  • Accounts
  • Get mail from other accounts (Download mail using POP3)
  • Add another mail account;
You can pop your gantep inbox to your gaziantep inbox, then move each gantep webmail folder to the gantep inbox and pop to the gaziantep inbox applying the relevant label for each folder you pop. department I. T. Assistants can help you with this.

Fighting Spam
Your new gaziantep mail account employs very good spam filtering. After the server is closed (and forwarding stops) you will initially recieve very little spam (because you are using a new domain). To avoid more spam, users are advised to break email addresess when writing them on web pages. For example, instead of writing, break the address by writing username_(AT)

Obtaining help
Your first point of contact should be your department I. T. assistant, further assistance can be obtained from the Google Apps team:

  • teknikdestek_(AT)
    Mehmet Sonercan - account usernames/passwords etc.
  • Ibrahim.keskus_(AT), Cetin.Altuntas_(AT)
    Ibrahim and etin work on API's for user data management, and other Google Apps services.
  • Andrew.Beddall_(AT)
    System manager - if you have a really tricky problem.
  • Mustafa.Yilmaz_(AT)
    Computer Center manager.

URLs - common Google Apps start page - webmail login - calender - document sharing - web publishing

Final notes
While the migration to a new domain and a new mail host may initially create a lot of inconvenience, we expect many benfits in the long-term. Gmail is a great improvement over openwebmail, and we can expect Google Apps to continue to develop providing cutting-edge mail and Internet utilities. Departments/groups are encouraged to make use of collaborative features of Google Calendar/Docs/Sites. As the computer center is freed from the complexities of providing the infrastucture of email hosting we hope to concentrate our resources more on user support and the provision of additional services to support users in their increasing I.T. requirements.

Migration status
migration status (automatically updated every morning)

Procedures (many for admin)

Create username account on [group.csv]
[Later] set the Nickname according to gul1 alias [group-nickname.csv]
[Later] set the groups [group-group.csv]
Backup user mail folders to google-apps-migration/username-mail-2009-MM-DD.tgz
Set .forward to (new gantep mail will forward to gaziantep account)
Give the password to the user
Migrate inbox and mail folders to

think about: mail1 Aliases, mail forwards!


2008/12/18 - Rector's office approves the migration to Google Apps.
2008/12/22 - begin migrating student mail to
2008/12/23 - begin migrating (some) staff mail to

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2009/12/31 -  intend to close forwarding of mails from gantep to gaziantep
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