Page Layout Parameters

LaTeX uses default values for the lengths indicated in the diagram below. They can be changed by declaring new values in the preamble, e.g.,


Explanations of the 9 layout parameters are below.

The Nine Parameters

left margin for odd-numbered pages, minus 1 inch(25.4 mm); e.g., setting
results in a total left margin of 31.8 mm.

left margin for even-numbered pages (minus the default 1 inch (25.4 mm)) if document uses the twoside option

width of the main text

height of the main text

upper margin to top of head, minus 1 inch; e.g., setting
results in a margin of 17.8 mm from top of page to top of head.

height of head

distance from the bottom of the headline to the top of text body

distance from the top of the text body to the baseline of the first line of text

distance from bottom of text body to bottom of foot text