ACS Modem Dial-up Guide

You can download a zipped version of this page,
unzip it to a diskette and take it home with you.

This guide explains how you can setup your PC for dial-up connections to the University modem dial-up server, it assumes you are using Windows 98.
Please note that this service is only available to university staff.

You need the following if you wish to connect to the university dial-up server:

  1. A modem installed in your PC
  2. A Dial-up Username and Password (these are the same as your central computer account username and password).
  3. A list of dial-up phone numbers
Your dial-up contact is Celal Dikici in the computer center.
For easiest dial-up connection to the university modem server use the gu.SCP script available for download from here. The script should be placed in folder illustrated below:

Now follow these instructions to setup your PC for connection to the University dail-up server.

Click on Bilgisayarim:

Click on cevirmeli Ag:

Click on Yeni Baglanti Yap:

Go though this setup selecting your modem device and telephone number (the computer center can give you a list of dial-up phone numbers):

You should now find you have created a Baglantim icon:

Now select the properties of the Baglanim icon:

and set the four properties as follows (this is where you make a link to the 'gu.SCP' login script:

Now you should be ready to use your new dail-up icon for connections to the university dial-up server.

Type your dial-up username and password (the are the same as your central computer account username and password), and press Baglan.

The connection may take some time so please be patient; if you have any problems then contact the computer center. 03/03/2000