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Building and Using gawk on VMS POSIX

Ignore the instructions above, although vms/gawk.hlp should still be made available in a help library. The source tree should be unpacked into a container file subsystem rather than into the ordinary VMS filesystem. Make sure that the two scripts, configure and vms/, are executable; use chmod +x on them if necessary. Then execute the following two commands:

psx> CC=vms/ configure
psx> make CC=c89 gawk

The first command constructs files config.h and Makefile out of templates, using a script to make the C compiler fit configure's expectations. The second command compiles and links gawk using the C compiler directly; ignore any warnings from make about being unable to redefine CC. configure takes a very long time to execute, but at least it provides incremental feedback as it runs.

This has been tested with VAX/VMS V6.2, VMS POSIX V2.0, and DEC C V5.2.

Once built, gawk works like any other shell utility. Unlike the normal VMS port of gawk, no special command-line manipulation is needed in the VMS POSIX environment.