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Compiling gawk on VMS

To compile gawk under VMS, there is a DCL command procedure that issues all the necessary CC and LINK commands. There is also a Makefile for use with the MMS utility. From the source directory, use either:




Depending upon which C compiler you are using, follow one of the sets of instructions in this table:

VAX C V3.x
Use either or descrip.mms as is. These use CC/OPTIMIZE=NOLINE, which is essential for Version 3.0.
VAX C V2.x
You must have Version 2.3 or 2.4; older ones won't work. Edit either or descrip.mms according to the comments in them. For, this just entails removing two ! delimiters. Also edit config.h (which is a copy of file [.config]vms-conf.h) and comment out or delete the two lines #define __STDC__ 0 and #define VAXC_BUILTINS near the end.
Edit or descrip.mms; the changes are different from those for VAX C V2.x but equally straightforward. No changes to config.h are needed.
Edit or descrip.mms according to their comments. No changes to config.h are needed.

gawk has been tested under VAX/VMS 5.5-1 using VAX C V3.2, and GNU C 1.40 and 2.3. It should work without modifications for VMS V4.6 and up.