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Installing a Prepared Distribution for PC Systems

If you have received a binary distribution prepared by the DOS maintainers, then gawk and the necessary support files appear under the gnu directory, with executables in gnu/bin, libraries in gnu/lib/awk, and manual pages under gnu/man. This is designed for easy installation to a /gnu directory on your drive--however, the files can be installed anywhere provided AWKPATH is set properly. Regardless of the installation directory, the first line of igawk.cmd and igawk.bat (in gnu/bin) may need to be edited.

The binary distribution contains a separate file describing the contents. In particular, it may include more than one version of the gawk executable.

OS/2 (32 bit, EMX) binary distributions are prepared for the /usr directory of your preferred drive. Set UNIXROOT to your installation drive (e.g., e:) if you want to install gawk onto another drive than the hardcoded default c:. Executables appear in /usr/bin, libraries under /usr/share/awk, manual pages under /usr/man, Texinfo documentation under /usr/info and NLS files under /usr/share/locale. If you already have a file /usr/info/dir from another package do not overwrite it! Instead enter the following commands at your prompt (replace x: by your installation drive):

install-info --info-dir=x:/usr/info x:/usr/info/
install-info --info-dir=x:/usr/info x:/usr/info/

However, the files can be installed anywhere provided AWKPATH is set properly.

The binary distribution may contain a separate file containing additional or more detailed installation instructions.