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Compiling gawk on the Atari ST

A proper compilation of gawk sources when sizeof(int) differs from sizeof(void *) requires an ISO C compiler. An initial port was done with gcc. You may actually prefer executables where ints are four bytes wide but the other variant works as well.

You may need quite a bit of memory when trying to recompile the gawk sources, as some source files (regex.c in particular) are quite big. If you run out of memory compiling such a file, try reducing the optimization level for this particular file, which may help.

With a reasonable shell (bash will do), you have a pretty good chance that the configure utility will succeed, and in particular if you run GNU/Linux, MiNT or a similar operating system. Otherwise sample versions of config.h and are given in the atari subdirectory and can be edited and copied to the corresponding files in the main source directory. Even if configure produces something, it might be advisable to compare its results with the sample versions and possibly make adjustments.

Some gawk source code fragments depend on a preprocessor define atarist. This basically assumes the TOS environment with gcc. Modify these sections as appropriate if they are not right for your environment. Also see the remarks about AWKPATH and envsep in Running gawk on the Atari ST.

As shipped, the sample config.h claims that the system function is missing from the libraries, which is not true, and an alternative implementation of this function is provided in unsupported/atari/system.c. Depending upon your particular combination of shell and operating system, you might want to change the file to indicate that system is available.